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Study circles, seminars / webinars, international conferences, and meetings.

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Social Integration

We are acting in the field of income generating and wellbeing to influence european policies.

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Project Management

Monitoring, evaluating and writing project proposals. Networking and establish strategic partnerships.

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European Network for Holistic Integration vision is to connect main actors and institutions from social integration field, to help the inclusion process of all vulnerable groups, by using an integrative approach targeting adult education activities, income generating projects, and wellbeing programs, until we reach a holistic integration of the people we work with.


ENHI mission is to stimulate the constructive critical thinking regarding the integration of vulnerable groups, using a bottom up approach, by developing pilots and good practices in the field of social integration that can stay at the base of programs that will influence public policies and European strategies for social and economic inclusion of vulnerable groups, such as migrants, ethnics, people with disabilities, women and children at risk. 

Areas of interventions  

1. Education 

I n the field of education, we are targeting the adult education, in a holistic way, giving space to the entire family to be involved. The types of activities we will develop within our projects will be study circles, seminars / webinars, international conferences, and meetings. 

2.  Income generating 

In the filed of income generating, we will develop programs that encourage the social entrepreneurial spirit and development of start-ups, alongside vocational trainings. Wellbeing In the field of wellbeing and health we will develop trainings and cultural meetings that contribute to the individual identity introspection, resulting in the development of a community identity towards a holistic society. 

3. European policies 

Lobby and advocacy actions to promote and influence policies and European strategies regarding the social and economic integration of vulnerable groups. Activities we will develop will be awareness campaigns and public events. 

4. Research  

We will develop a strategic partnership with institutions that have interest in increasing the knowledge around subjects that are related to integration, seen from race, migration, gender and socio-economic conditions.
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Halangescu Iulia

President - Expert in EU funding

Lena Ekman

Expert life coach

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Expert Fundraising